Abbas Nasir

Don’t kill the golden goose

The law minister’s threat that he’d be asking the centre to assume control of Karachi suggested his acumen has ... Published Sep 14, 2019 07:09am

What the PTI can do

On coming to power, rather than show maturity and self-confidence, the PTI started to resemble a nervous wreck. Updated Sep 07, 2019 08:17am

Growing up in the 1960s

Looking at the statistics, the economy grew healthily. So, was everything really hunky-dory? Published Aug 31, 2019 07:09am

Institution vs the individual

Once in a position of power self-preservation — which is not the same as enlightened self-interest — guides our hand. Updated Aug 24, 2019 07:50am

Constructive criticism schooling

The really positive aspect of NAB’s zealous work is that where it does not have evidence of corruption it ... Published Jul 20, 2019 06:58am

Opposition strikes back

If Hasil Bizenjo is indeed elected Senate chairman, it would be a very significant development. Published Jul 13, 2019 07:20am

Innocent till proven guilty

One wonders why Rana Sanaullah, who told a number of journalists in recent weeks that he feared arrest... Published Jul 06, 2019 06:59am

Opposition’s way forward

The only concrete manifestation of the opposition’s coming together was the decision to change the Senate chairman. Updated Jun 30, 2019 08:45am

A technocratic heaven?

The consumerism that easy cash fuelled in society can be blamed for many of our problems after Musharraf stepped down. Published Jun 22, 2019 06:59am

The scary ‘kill’ fetish

We could opt for the democratic path where the rulers accept legitimate criticism. Updated Jun 15, 2019 08:59am

Indignity or a security check?

Passing through Pakistan’s airport security can be an ordeal for those with disabilities. Published Jun 08, 2019 07:17am

PM’s toughest test

Business leaders emphasised the importance of continuity of policies. Published Jun 01, 2019 07:32am

A government in disarray

While the prime minister is keen on being seen as the man in charge, evidence is emerging to the contrary. Published May 25, 2019 07:24am

The only way forward

The process via which justice is delivered needs to be uncontroversial, transparent and above board. Published May 18, 2019 07:04am

The making of a patriot

Propelled by his fury at what he perceived as a slight by the PPP, Jam Sadiq’s strong-arm tactics caused ... Published May 11, 2019 07:09am

Only PPP can say ‘peccavi’

Since Zia deposed Bhutto, there have been repeated attempts to send the latter’s PPP on a one-way trip to oblivion. Published May 04, 2019 07:01am

PTI’s moment of truth

Winning an election on an anti-corruption platform, along with other decisive factors, may have been the easy part. Published Apr 27, 2019 07:08am

Project PTI in peril?

If Asad Umar was aware of the impending decision, he gave no hint of it. Published Apr 20, 2019 06:41am